Hello and welcome to our home,

MOFE is our dream that we have been planning for quite a period of time. We worked real hard to make it happen. And now our mission is to make your dreams come true as well.

We craft your dreams on paper. For all of your special days in life, we would love to make them extraordinary, starting from an invitation. 

However first let us share with you a little bit about ourselves, our dreams and our goals.

We (Vy and Lynn) are the two best-friends since 10 years old, living under the same proof and sharing the same passion. The idea of opening MOFE started from our discussion about dream wedding of each other years ago but we kept procrastinating for numerous reasons until last year when I was getting married. We took that opportunity to make the dream wedding that we have been talking about come true as well as to see if we should set up a business in this field. NO more procrastinating. Either go for it or forget about it.

As a perfectionism person, I want my wedding to be perfect, unique and special, and of course, no one know and understand me more than myself and my closest friend. And the fun has just begun starting with the most important item – wedding invitations including Save the Date card. We test-printed all different kinds of templates that were available. After a couple of trials, I decided to create my own design instead of using someone else’s template. We had so much fun during the process of making my wedding invitation suites and of course the finished product was stunning. I was very satisfied with our results. We had made my invitation suite with passion and love, and we will treat yours the same.

In addition, as you all know, planning a wedding is never easy. We have seen friends, family members and co-workers are all getting frustrated to plan a wedding on their own. So am I. I experienced all different kinds of matters / issues when I was planning for my wedding. After all those planning, we are truly understand the hardship, the struggle and the stress that all the couples (soon-to-be husband and wife) have to go through in order to have our dream wedding. That’s why we have decided to be the groom and bride’s “best-friend” to help them going through the journey starting from day 1. We want to them to be care-free and enjoy their special day to the max.

We graduated with the Art Bachelor Degree and had over 4 years working in entertainment industry as event coordinator and stage manager, we confidently offer all-in-one services, eliminate all the hassles that you as soon to be husband and wife have to deal with.